The 5 things none of us expected about being in self-isolation.

Parents have been asked to assist their child in learning from home, whilst maintaining their workload, whilst also navigating life in lockdown.

But as Gabbie Stroud wrote for Mamamia, “You’re not a teacher. You’re a parent.”

“No one is expecting that you’re going to be across the entire curriculum. No one is expecting that your little one/big one is going to return to school without having missed a whole heap of stuff.”

On No Filter, Gabbie Stroud chats to Mia Freedman about what she wants school parents to know. Post continues below.

Some people are slightly worried about it all returning to normal.

This is perhaps the most surprising.

It goes without saying that the coronavirus pandemic has been a time of unimaginable hardship. The onset of shutdown seemed as sudden as it did drastic. One day our friends were convinced this was media-hype, and the next we had a mere four reasons to leave our homes.

Now, as restrictions begin to ease across the country and the light at the end of the tunnel shines that little bit brighter each day, there is a new kind of panic beginning to set in.

For some people, lockdown has had a favourable influence on their lives, and the thought of it returning to normal has become cause for anxiety.

You see, humans are creatures of habit. And for some, they’ve become accustomed and acquainted with their lockdown life.

When Mamamia asked women how they felt about returning back to ‘normal’, many shared their angst.

“I’ve spent seven weeks getting used to this weird little bubble and making it my own, and I’ve got to the point where I’m weirdly enjoying it,” Molly told Mamamia last week.

“I’ve only just sorted out what life looks like during lockdown and have got into a good place with managing my mental health in this new situation. The thought of another major change is daunting,” another shared.

Alas, as Prime Minister Scott Morrison said during his press conference on Friday: “We need to restart our economy, we need to restart our society, we can’t keep Australia under the doona, we need to be able to move ahead.”

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What did you find was unexpected about living in self-isolation? Let us know in the comments sections below. 

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