Yoga with Adriene: Inside the life of Adriene Mishler, the most popular workout instructor in the world.

For three years, she says she mopped the floors of a local yoga studio in exchange for free classes, while doing her YouTube channel on the side. But eventually, she tells For The Win, something “started to shift”. Yoga classes increased in price from about $8, to between $24 and $30. It became a form of exercise reserved for the elite, with yoga mats, tights and singlets all becoming absurdly expensive.

“I started to think that it’s not really fair that only wealthy people [get to do yoga] – and it seemed at the time that it was only wealthy, white people, because it was only getting marketed to them – and that got me really sad and kind of pissed off,” she tells For The Win. 

Along with Sharpe, Adriene committed to making regular, free, high quality yoga videos for a mass audience.

It worked.

Adriene Mishler’s personal life

In an interview towards the end of 2019, Adriene referred to being “newly single”, and spending a lot of time with her closest girlfriends.

She lives in Austin with her dog, Benji, and is mostly a vegetarian. Everyday, she tries to practice yoga and go for a run.

She still loves theatre and takes up the odd acting role. In 2013, she starred alongside Nicholas Cage in the movie Joe. But now she says she’s not interested in becoming “a famous actress”.

How does Adriene Mishler make money from doing free yoga videos?

In an interview with Paper Mag, Adriene says they have the “bare minimum” monetisation on YouTube videos. By that, she means every video starts with an ad (about 15 seconds or so), but your practice won’t be interrupted by ads. Additionally, some people sign up for a membership to her YouTube channel, which costs $9.99 a month and is a source of stable income.

If you haven’t tried Yoga with Adriene, here are some videos to start with…

You can’t go past Yoga for Beginners if you’ve never tried yoga before.

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Some of her most popular videos include:

For more Yoga with Adriene, check out her YouTube channel.

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