From working for Kyle & Jackie O to being ghosted by Lily Allen: Inside Andy Lee’s life off-air.

Andy Lee’s ‘feud’ with Wil Anderson.

In a podcast interview in June 2019, Andy Lee addressed the comedy duo’s years-long feud with Wil Anderson.

Speaking on Anderson’s Wilosophy podcast, Lee recalled the pair getting their start on a TV sketch show called Big Bite, which also starred Chris Lilley and Kate McCartney.

At just 21 years old, it was decided by executives that the program would be renamed Hamish & Andy, which didn’t sit comfortably with either of the two comedians.

Lee described it as an “awful experience,” and feeling as though the rest of the cast was looking at them like they’d stolen the show.

“You guys were young, and you were put into a show where I knew a whole bunch of people who were involved in the show, and some of them were not happy that these two young people had been thrown into this show, so I was getting a lot of stories,” said Anderson, 46, implying they weren’t popular on set.

In the years that followed, Lee and Blake became the punchline to Anderson’s jokes, with Lee later confronting Anderson about the jokes in person.

Wil Anderson Andy Lee
Hamish & Andy and Wil Anderson. Images: Getty.

Although the confrontation didn’t exactly change Lee’s view of Anderson at the time, Anderson eventually dropped his grudge against the pair.

The comedian explained that he had built up a profile of them, as two guys from “every American college movie” who were arrogant and “swanned into this thing” without any comedy credentials.

“I’d forgotten that Hamish and Andy were people… not a brand and not a symbol of something but actual people,” he said.

Andy Lee’s relationships.

Andy Lee started dating Rebecca Harding in 2015, after she served him in a Melbourne cafe.

After briefly separating in 2016, the pair reunited and are now self-isolating together at home.