Women are sniffing male t-shirts to find love… pheromones?

In the last few years, there has been a growing trend in major cities like Los Angeles and New York, where singles meet up… to smell each other. The way it works is that participants are supposed to sleep in the same shirt for 3 consecutive days, and then place the items in a bag. These are then brought to the party, where they are inhaled, and then if it is “attractive” enough, they are then introduced to the owner.

Originally, this was a concept first introduced in 2010, where pheromone colognes really started growing in popularity. Although they’ve been around since the early 90’s to the mainstream public, they have gotten a reputation as snake oil, and scammy products that prey on the gullible. People who are desperate to find love.

After an investigation (googling), we found that there are in fact a lot of pheromone colognes for men available on the market, and that they actually have solid evidence proving that they work. There are scientific, in depth studies on pheromones (which are produced naturally on the skin).

A few of which include DHEA, androstadienone, and androstenone. Although that might sound like gibberish, there are clinical studies proving that men and women actually react to them. They may include effects such as raised cortisol levels, finding men at least 10% more attractive (women were asked to rate men before and after exposure to the pheromones), and feeling more “comfortable” in the presence of certain pheromones.

But let’s get back to reality.

Originally, we thought it was a novelty fun idea – sure, we know some people that reek, and others that smell fairly attractive when they start perspirating… however, we can’t deny that there may actually be some real proof to their effectiveness. Could it be the real “chemistry” that people talk about when they meet someone special?

In the future, we may actually decide to investigate, and we are keeping in touch with the reliable House Of Pheromones to check out products for women in the future.

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