Must-have Guide to Costume Jewellery for Summer 2016

Accessorizing an outfit takes your dressing sense to an all-new level, and there’s no better time in the year to try out some funky looks! Whether your fashion sense is bold or subtle, there’s always costume jewellery to suit your needs.

Often enough, you would choose bright and vibrant colour combinations for your summer wear. The most important part of picking an outfit is ensuring that it compliments your taste and sets your vibe.

Uptown Funk It Up

Nothing says funk like bond and spunky patterns on both your clothing and your junk jewellery. Colourful beaded necklaces, bracelets and earrings should be your choice, in this case. These fashion gears can be easily picked up from cheap wholesale jewelry store or market locally or online.

Incorporating metallic elements would take your look onto another level. Don’t hesitate to experiment; you can look just as great with something out-of-the-box!

The important thing to remember is not to look too dressy. If your outfit is rather bold on its own, stick to subtle fake jewellery to match your outfit’s theme.

Desi or Indian patterns are a great way to jazz up your look; semi-ethnic trinkets really set the theme for it.

Keeping It Classic

Classic block colours and simple patterns hold as much merit as funky, and indie patterns do. Chevron, Polka Dots and other such patterns on tops and dresses are best complimented with simple accessories with a metallic finish.

Bear in mind to choose your metal wisely, as not all metals are meant to be worn together. It’s criminal to try and wear bronze and rose gold together, that sort of thing.

Though classy doesn’t necessarily mean simple, fashion of old is fun to bring out once in a while.

Bring In the Oomph Responsibly

As patrons of the fashion industry, we all want to wear whatever is trending at the time. This year intricate rings, long beaded necklaces and chokers are what every It Girl wants to display.

Here’s a list of a few trendy accessories:

  • Pearls and gold – totally shooting through the sky right now.

  • Algae slabs – which were sold as coasters, but do just as well around your neck for a tropical vibe.
  • Rope necklaces with earth elements – nothing like channelling your chi and fashion sense together! These styles of necklaces are really the hot ones nowadays in the wholesale necklaces industry and they will becoming more and more popular in the coming years of fashion trend.
  • Delicate or paper-thin accessories – Feather and leaf patterns on the ends of rugged rope necklaces or elegant earrings, as your outfit dictates.

  • Chokers, chokers, chokers! – A new-found wardrobe necessity.

Must-have Guide to Costume Jewellery for Summer 2016

Pro Tip

If you’re wearing patterns, make sure your clothes and accessories have complimenting patterns and set the same theme for you. You can also try block colours and patterns on your outfit and accessories-mix it up!

The bigger the accessory, the better-the sky’s the limit on material and element.

Again, it’s crucial not to overdo it, and it’s perfectly fine to give your twist to the current trends. Designers find their inspiration for costume jewellery from people just like you and me, so go out there with your best trinkets forward!

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