Meladerm: What You Need to Know

In some parts of the world and in some cultures the main goal for skin care is to have a light-colored skin tone that is uniform throughout the whole face and other parts of the body.The biggest consideration as we grow older is to reduce the appearance of sun spots or dark spots due to aging.  However, uniform skin tone does not naturally occur especially if you are out in the sun.  There are skin products out there that provide some skin lightening but many products involve harsh chemicals that could result in your skin peeling or your skin becoming red due to the chemical burn.  Many companies are putting millions of dollars in research in other to find a product that is more natural that will not produce harsh side effects.Meladerm: What You Need to Know

Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex is a skin lightening product that is produce by the company Civant Skin Care that was originally released to the public in 2003.  The goal behind the product was to use more natural ingredients to product effective results of an even skin tone.  Meladerm uses natural extracts from the mulberries and bearberries instead of hydroquinone, mercury, or the active ingredients in bleach.

The areas on the skin that can be most visibly changed by using Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex are dark spots on the face and legs, dark joint areas such as the knees, elbows, and knuckles, sun spots, age spots, and acne marks just to name a few.  Meladerm has grown in popularity because if its effectiveness against dark areas of the skin without costly skin laser treatments or seeking help from a doctor or plastic surgeon.

Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex is a topical solution that is very easy to use.  The area that you wish to use Meladerm needs to be washed and allow the area to complete dry.  Apply Meladerm to the area you wish to be treated twice a day in a massage fashion to ensure that the product has been allowed to absorb through the skin.  Depending on you the level of sensitivity of your skin, you could apply Meladerm after an exfoliation scrub for the best results from the cream.  In order to protect your skin, because it is going to be more sensitive to sunlight when using Meladerm, apply sunscreen to the area of at least 30 SPF or higher.  Plus, you don’t want to expose your skin to too much direct sunlight because it will completely reverse the skin lightening effects that you are trying to achieve.

Unfortunately, there have been some products that have been introduced to the market that are made from the same active ingredients as Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex, however are not produced with care to keep the ingredients from deteriorating, which creates an inferior product.  One of the active ingredients that could deteriorate if it is not properly handled is Kojic Acid.  The professionals at Civant Skin Care hold themselves to rigorous standards in order to produce the most effective product for your needs.

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