Homemade Beauty Tips

When it comes to homemade beauty tips, your options are endless. There are so many things you can use in your home to improve things such as your hair, skin, nails, and face. There are many things that can be used to strengthen your hair and nails for example. We’ll take a look at some of the most used homemade beauty tips below.

Olive Oil as a Makeup Remover

There is simply no sense in spending a ton of money on buying make up remover when you can simply use the Olive Oil out of your kitchen. All you need to do is get a clean, dry cloth and apply a little of the oil to the cloth. Then wipe away your make up! It’s that easy.

Oatmeal to Ease Mosquito Bites

If you have gotten yourself eat up by mosquito, I know your pain! However, fix yourself a bath and pour some dry Oatmeal in the water. It will ease the itching instantly.

Homemade Beauty Tips

Dryer Sheets for Static Hair

We all have those days where our hair simply wants to fly away! If you haven’t had those days, consider yourself lucky. If you know what I’m talking about, then grab yourself a dryer sheet from the laundry room. Rub the sheet over your hair and you will be static free!

Hair Conditioner for Shaving

There is nothing worse than getting out the shower only to realize you are out of shaving cream! No worries, friend! Grab the hair conditioner and use it as your shaving cream. It works great!

Cucumbers for the Eyes

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it is still worth putting in this post because it works so well! If your eyes are baggy, looking tired, cut you two slices of cucumbers and place them over your closed eyes for 13 -15 minutes. You will look good as new!

Yogurt for Curling & Flat Iron Burns

Raise your hand if you have ever burnt your forehead while using a flat iron or curling iron.. Yea, we all have and it leaves an ugly red mark that burns. Run to the fridge and grab some yogurt! Dab the yogurt on the burnt spot and you will feel better and it will heal quicker.

Raw Potatoes for Dark Circles

Sometimes dark circles will appear under the eyes and the makeup doesn’t always cover it up. If you have this problem, place sliced potatoes on your eyes for about 15 minutes every day for a week. You should see the circles go away.

Olive Oil for Dry Hair

If you suffer from dry hair try a little Olive Oil. Using about a teaspoon of Olive Oil and massaging it into your hair will take the dryness away. This will leave your hair feeling like new and shiny.

Body Scrub with Sugar, Coffee, & Olive Oil

There is no sense in spending a ton of money for body scrubs when you can make your own homemade body scrub at home that usually works better anyway. All you need to do is mix some coffee grounds, sugar, and Olive Oil together. Then rub it all over your body before you get in the shower. Rinse it off when you get in the shower and you will be feeling like new!

Clear Tape to Test Nail Polishes

How many times have you wanted to test a nail polish on your nails only to mess up your nails and have to redo them? With clear tape, you won’t have to worry about messing them up anymore. Place the clear tape on your nail and paint the tape to see if you like the color before going through all of the trouble of redoing your nails.

Clear Tape for Eye Shadow

If you want to have the perfect eye shadow, use clear tape to place at a slant on your eyes and apply your eye shadow. You will then have the perfect eye shadow.

Make Lipstick Last Longer with Foundation

If your lipstick seems to wear off fairly quickly, try applying foundation to your lips as well when you are putting your makeup on. This will help keep your lipstick on longer.

Oil Treatments with Olive Oil & Honey

If you are constantly buying hot oil treatments for your hair, you can easily make them right at home. All you need to do is heat up some Olive Oil and add a little honey. Mix those together and you will have your hot oil treatment for your hair.

With these homemade beauty tips, you can save money and get better results. There are many things you can use in your home for beauty and the above are just a few things that will get you started.

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  1. With Summer just around the corner I always worry about mosquitos. I’ve never heard of using oatmeal for bites. Maybe something I’ll need to try this year

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