Eyeshadow Tutorial

It is every woman’s dream to do her own make-up and achieve the look as if an expert make-up artist did it for her. And although it is not impossible to achieve this, a lot of women find it difficult to apply eye shadow without making a big mess. Some women feel that they are applying it in all the wrong places or that they should have tried using a different stroke. No matter what one does or what one chooses to use, it is highly important that a woman masters the art of applying the eye shadow.

To keep you from suffering even more, here are a few tips you can use from the proper eye shadow tutorial.

  • Tip 1: The color of your eyes says it all.

Eyeshadow TutorialThe natural color of your eyes will tell you which type of eye shadow you should be working with first. If you have those bright blue eyes, you better settle with dark eye shadow shades. The desired effect is that it dims your natural eye color a little to make it more attractive. Remember that the goal is that you will be able to choose the shade of eye shadow that will perfectly complement your eyes.

  • Tip 2: You skin tone must be complemented too.

Another important factor that needs to be considered when applying your eye shadow is that it the color you choose to apply should complement your skin tone too. Women who have a darker skin tone like that of Hispanic ancestry should go for lighter eye shadows. They bring out the eyes that complete the perfect date night look.

  • Tip 3: Matching eye shadows are a big no-no

For some women, matching the shade of their eye shadow to the color of their dress is the in thing. But the experts have spoken and they said that as a rule of thumb, no woman should ever wear eye shadow that perfectly matches the shade of her dress. Because the goal is to highlight the features of your eyes and not to drown them in the color of your dress, you have to find the shade that will complement the colour of your dress. Make that the color of your eye shadow and you will do just fine.

  • Tip 4: The applicator makes all the difference.

The fate of your eye shadow depends on the applicator you choose to use. Never settle for the flimsy, cheap type. Invest in a good applicator and you don’t have to worry about your eye make-up ever again. The cheap ones usually cause the eye shadow to smear making you re-do the entire make-up. Worse could happen if you continue to use an applicator that is not clean and sanitized.

  • Tip 5: Try not to put on too much.

Over doing your make-up is not going to do you any good. Instead of enhancing your natural beauty, it will brown the beauty that you have, making you look for like a clown and less like a lady. Now, is that really what you want? If not, then you have got to be in control.


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