How to Create Your Own Fake Wedding Cake Guide

How to Create Your Own Fake Wedding Cake GuideWeddings are never complete without the wedding cake. It is one of the best attractions in the wedding reception. If you want to keep your wedding cake as a souvenir of your big day, you can create a fake wedding cake to be displayed in your wedding reception. This kind of cake is also cheaper than the real ones. Making a fake cake is not limited only to wedding cakes, but can also be done with other cakes for other occasions. If you would like to create your own fake wedding cake, take a look at this guide and follow these easy steps to create your own.

First, prepare the following materials that you will need: 12 inch diameter white round tray, powdered sugar, soft spatula, Styrofoam fake cake one that is 3 inch high and 8 inch diameter round, another one that is 3 inch high and 6 inch diameter round and another 3 inch high and 10 inch diameter round, fake flowers, tape measure, cake topper, glue, rolling pin, a 36 oz., 24 oz. and 14 oz. rolled fondant (ready to use), sharp knife, 1 inch grosgrain ribbon (one spool), and a pair of scissors.


Second, find the center of your white round tray and place some glue on its center.


Third, glue your3 inch high and 10 inch diameter Styrofoam cake on the tray and set it aside.


Fourth, on your working area shower some powdered sugar and on the center of the showered sugar put your 36 oz fondant. With your rolling pin knead the fondant. Continue until it becomes supple and then use your hand to flatten it.


Fifth, create circle that is 24 inch in diameter out of your kneaded fondant. In case the fondant becomes sultry, just add powdered sugar.


Sixth, cover the top of your Styrofoam cake with the fondant. Make sure that the fondant’s edges fall on the sides of the cake.


Seventh, put the fondant in place using your soft spatula and use your sharp knife to trim down the fondant that is in excess.


Eighth, follow the third to seventh steps for the next Styrofoam cake forms, the 8 inch and 6 inch diameter cake form respectively. Do the same with the next sizes of fondants.


Ninth, set aside your fake cake for two days to let the fondant dry using natural air.


Lastly, decorate your cake with ribbons and fake flowers.

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